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Why Book

You Get A Guided Tour

One of the biggest benefits of booking your tours in advance is that you get to work with a tour guide and not just wander around on your own. They will know the area intimately, including the opening hours for the various attractions. Tour guides can make sure you see all there is to see and don’t waste your time in the wrong places. They will be able to explain the historical aspects around you. You can ask questions as you go along, and there may even be a guided commentary throughout.

Skip The Line Tickets

Time is at a premium when you’re on holiday. You will want to avoid waiting in long lines trying to book an excursion when you should be making the most of your vacation. By booking online in advance you won’t have to queue for hours on end with no guarantees that you’ll actually have a place at the end of it. Pre-booking your tour also gets priority treatment when it comes to boarding times, and you don’t have to arrive hours earlier to secure your ticket.

You save on Pre-booking tours

Vacations can be expensive activities, so any opportunity to save money is well worth doing. It’s cheaper to book in advance – not only are special deals made available to those who book early but certain packages may not even be offered unless the booking is done well in advance. You should be aware that the earlier you book the better the prices will be. Pre-booking ensures you won’t miss out on any special offers or discounts and it helps you avoid last-minute booking fees.

Our guide was knowledgeable and expressive about the tour. He seemed truly dedicated to his job of enlightening us with Accademia.

Florence: Accademia Guided Tour with Skip-the-Line Tickets - traveler (Ireland)

 Our tour guide, seems to be very knowledgeable about the cathedral’s history. She’s very fun and entertaining too. Loved her stories on how the Medici family had been a pivotal part of all of it, on the meaning of the paintings, and how Brunelleschi’s dome was done

Florence: Duomo Cathedral Guided Tour - Sunday, May 29, 2022 by traveler (Malta)

This was an amazing tour and experience. There was so much artwork to see and our tour guide
shared information on so many individual pieces. Wonderful tour.

Florence: Skip the Line Guided Uffizi Tour - Traveller from the USA

When we had some trouble meeting our guide, she called us and met us where we were which was very helpful. We then entered the museum and our guide pointed out and described the most significant works in the museum. 

Skip the Line Guided Uffizi Tour - Traveller from the UK

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