About Italy Pass Tours

” We Provide An Experience of a lifetime ”

Through years of experience in the Italian travel market, Italypass Tour has carefully crafted a plethora of unique tours and vacation packages. Italypass Tour offers different types of creative packages including adventures across Italy landscapes, as well as cultural, recreational experiences in historical landmarks and treasures.
Our skilled team provides the highest quality through contracting, booking and packaging various components of the experience such as Transportation, Tour Guides, Excursions, Optional tours and More.


“Our Management Team and Tour Guides Who Achieve Goals of Italypass Tour”




With over 20+ years of Experience in Tourism, as A Guide and Coordinator. Ahmed Had Proved His Efficiency in Knowledge and Hospitality to His Clients and Italypass Group.



Head Management

More than 10 years on Duties OF Tourism Management Including  Allocating Budget resources, formulating policies ,Coordinating Business. Operations,Monitoring and Motivating Staff, Managing Operational Costs, Ensuring Good customer service, Improving Administration Processes, Engaging with Vendors, Hiring and Training.

Our Storytellers

Good things come to those who travel, And good travel experiences comes to those who get a tour guide

Giada Papini

Born in 1987 in the city of Florence I started to love art history since I was a child, thanks to my mother that accompanied me to the museums, parks and events in the city

Ilenia Sala

I worked for years in the world of tourism, living in beautiful places like Maldives, Egypt, Kenya, Zanziabar. Finally when i came to Florence, I said to myself: this is the city where I want to stay

Francesca Ciappi
I am a 100% Florentine and I’ve always been very proud of belonging to such a marvelous historical city.
Sharing my knowledge about Florence is not merely a job for me… it’s my passion!

What makes us unique!

Hard work make us strong and behavior make us unique

”The world is a Book, And those who do not Travel read only one page here” We never want you to stop reading that book. And we will be there to make sure that you lived through those pages you really wanted to read. Each and every one of our tour are known for its Perfection and Implementation.

All of our guides are Professional and Dynamic with real passion and dedication for art and culture. Our tours are designed to deliver an unforgettable experience in which you will immerse in the rich cultural heritage and make the best of your visit.

We want you to be happy and that’s all it matters..